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New Irish Hymns 4 CD Release

In “Hymns for the Life of the Church” Keith has written an invaluable collection of new congregational hymns on different subjects, from communion, preaching and benediction to unity, suffering and world mission.

'Hymns for the life of the church'

This album – the fourth and final in this influential series has many of the traits of the previous albums – like albums 2 and 3, it features Margaret Becker, Iona’s Joanne Hogg and Kristyn Getty. Like albums 2 and 3 it is packed with new songs to be used and re-used in church. Like albums 2 and 3 it features another new song destined to become a classic.

“ The Power of the Cross” is a new hymn by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend telling the story of the death of Christ through the context of his sufferings. Already being sung in many churches it is a modern classic ballad which takes us through the Easter narrative. It is the opening track on the album and sung by Kristyn Getty.

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