New Irish Hymns 4

'Hymns for the life of the church'

In “Hymns for the Life of the Church” Keith has written an invaluable collection of new congregational hymns on different subjects, from communion, preaching and benediction to unity, suffering and world mission.

This album – the fourth and final in this influential series has many of the traits of the previous albums – like albums 2 and 3, it features Margaret Becker, Iona’s Joanne Hogg and Kristyn Getty. Like albums 2 and 3 it is packed with new songs to be used and re-used in church. Like albums 2 and 3 it features another new song destined to become a classic.

“ The Power of the Cross” is a new hymn by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend telling the story of the death of Christ through the context of his sufferings. Already being sung in many churches it is a modern classic ballad which takes us through the Easter narrative. It is the opening track on the album and sung by Kristyn Getty.

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The Story behind “The Power of the Cross”
Hymn for communion

"The Power of the Cross" is a meditation on the sufferings of Christ.
Over the past couple of years, we have been working through the Apostles Creed and writing hymns teaching the fundamental beliefs of Christianity.
The Creed teaches that ‘He suffered under Pontius Pilate’, and in communion we are commanded to ‘remember his death ‘til he comes’. In the New Testament, Paul and the Apostles often preached and prayed in more detailed and visual ways about the cross, turning all of our senses to Christ’s sufferings and their significance.
Stuart and I considered how the reality of His sufferings should penetrate our worship services and were challenged by the need to explain the overwhelming significance and implications these have for our lives. In our congregational worship the sufferings of Christ have often only been given a surface glance and it is hardly surprising that the theological meaning often remains confused:

‘ This the power of the cross
Christ became sin for us
Took the blame, bore the wrath
We stand forgiven at the cross.’

Our hope is that the hymn; "The Power of the Cross" will be a resource to the church as a declaration of what we believe; a challenging reflection on Christ’s sufferings and a powerful song for Easter or Communion services.
It is also our hope that people will be challenged again by the wonder and the power of the cross.

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